Planet Provides has partnered with Planet Comicon Kansas City, to provide volunteers and programming that support our mission of using the power of pop culture as a means of improving literacy and supporting diversity initiatives year round within the KC region.

Planet Provides’ Crew Member Management Team Is Divided Into 3 Tiers: Superheroes, Sidekicks And Minions.


Think of them as the manager for a particular department or area of the show.  Each area will have a Superhero managing over it. Each Superhero has multiple Sidekicks who report to them and assist in the management of their area.


Sidekicks assist the Superhero for each area. Think of them as the Assistant Manager for your department.  Sidekicks are typically scheduled throughout the day to provide additional management support in each area.


Minions are considered Planet Provides’ most important crew members. If you are not a Superhero or Sidekick, you are a Minion. If you’re not sure what you are, you are a Minion. Each area will have a variety of minions attached to it.

How Long Is My Shift?

Minion shifts will be for either 4 or 6 hours.  Minions will sign up for 4 or 6 hour shifts.  You can sign up for as many shifts as you like. If you intend to enjoy a complimentary lunch, you will need to sign up for at least 6 hours of work on any given day. 

What Kinds Of Roles And Areas Do Crew Members Work In?

You can see the full listing of our various duty and assignment areas listed on our Crew Member Roles page.

Are Crew Members Required To Wear A Mask?


When Will Applications Be Opened For New Crew Members?

Applications for new crew members will be opened this summer.  Returning 2020 Crew Members will be contacted via email to sign up in our new software late Spring early Summer.

I’m New And Heard There Will Be Interviews, When Will This Take Place?

We will start these once applications are opened this Summer.  As a new crew member, we want to get to know you better.  What are your interests and talents, and how we can make the best match within the show?  Once we have reviewed your application and you are vetted, we will contact you via email to schedule a telephone interview with members of our crew member management team. Interviews continue until we close applications close to the show.  

Will There Be Training For The Crew?

Yes, and all crew members will be expected to attend one training prior to their first shift.   We will offer multiple options for orientation leading up to the convention. Tentatively, these are planned for the Saturday and Sunday before show week, August 14th and 15th. You will be provided with an overview of the show, policies and procedures, standards of conduct and a tour of the complex.  You may also receive specialized training depending upon your work assignment. For our out-of -town crew members (distances an hour or more travel time), we will offer alternative training prior to your shift. If you are unable to attend one of the official trainings, you will need to contact your Superhero for direction.  Keep an eye on your email for details to sign up.

Is Food Provided?

We provide a meal to anyone working 6 hours or more per day.  You will be provided with a food voucher by your supervisor upon the completion of your shift.  There is a designated meal area for our crew members with tables and seating to allow you to take a break.  Water and snacks are available to all crew members throughout the day.  

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Crew Member?

You can see the full list of benefits of being a crew member on our Benefits page

Where Do I Park?

There is ample parking around the Convention Center.  We will provide you with a map of public parking options and any updates relative to parking.  Please allow extra time to park your vehicle and walk to the Convention Center so that you are on time for your designated shift.  IF you are scheduled mid-day or later, please allow time for traffic, especially on Saturday.  The KC Streetcar is free and provides access to parking along the downtown strip as well.

Do First Year Crew Members Get To Work With Celebrities?

As you can imagine, working with the Celebrities can be a delicate balance, as well as, a highly valued perk of crew membering. As such, it is entrusted and awarded to our more experienced crew members.  New crew members are not assigned to escorting celebrities.

Can We Cosplay During Our Shift?

You may cosplay, BUT you will have to wear your crew member shirt during your shift.  Your shirt must be fully visible and on the proper part of your body during your shift. Your face must also be visible during your shift.   Capes, fun head and footwear are fine to add to your “uniform”. NOTE:  When not working your shift, we ask that you remove your crew member shirt so that you can fully enjoy the show.

Will I Get Time To Get An Autograph From My Favorite Artist/Celebrity Or Attend A Panel During My Shift?

During your crew member shift, you will be expected to remain focused and attentive to your assigned tasks. In most cases, we are providing crew members with a ticket to an additional day, and that is when you should plan to attend panels and get photos and autographs.  

Do Crew Members Have To Pay For Autographs?


Have Other Questions?

Feel free to post on the Crew Member Facebook page with your question or email us at [email protected] and our Crew Member Support Team will respond as quickly as possible.  Prior to the show, once you have signed up for your shifts, you will be contacted by your Superhero and you can direct questions to them at that time.