Crew Member (“Minions”) Benefits

  • Admission to the show! Crew Members completing their assigned shift receive the remaining portion of the day to enjoy the show, including Saturday.
  • You can earn additional passes to the show!
    • Crew Members who work 8 or more hours on Saturday; receive a Sunday pass.
    • Crew Members working 8 or more hours Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Sunday – May choose a single day pass for Friday or Sunday
    • Crew Members working 16 or more hours throughout the show – a three-day pass.
    • Returning crew members who work 6 or more hours on Sunday can earn a Saturday pass. Passes earned for working Sunday will be given ahead of time, but please note if you don’t show up to work for your Sunday shift, you will not be asked to return as a crew member.
  • Exclusive Officially Licensed Baby Yoda, the Child Mandalorian Pin!
  • Planet branded book Bag!
  • Awesome Shirt!  Each crew member will receive a Planet crew member shirt to wear while on their shift.  If you work 4-5 days you will receive 3 shirts, work for 3 days, receive 2 shirts, work 1-2 days receive 1 shirt.
  • 20% off select Planet merch!
  • Food! Crew Members who work for six or more hours daily will receive a voucher for food. We will provide more details about food options soon.
  • After Hours Events! Planet will be part of several amazing after hours events this year! Planet Crew Members are eligible and encouraged to attend all after hours events at no charge.  This would not include ticketed celebrity events.
  • Crew Member opportunities all year long! Planet does promotional events throughout the area all year long. You may have the opportunity to help promote the show at these events and earn admission or other perks.
  • Joining an AMAZING community! The Planet crew member family is made up of a great group of folks and they often get together outside of the convention to attend events, play games, celebrate holidays, or just chill. We’re an inviting crew and always look forward to new faces joining us out and about.

Sidekick Benefits

Applicable minion benefits plus:

  • Complimentary parking  for required orientation/training and during move-in, open and move out days, if scheduled.
  • One 3-day pass
  • If you work 4-5 days you will receive 3 shirts, if you work 3 days receive 2 shirts.
  • Select PCKC Merchandise at 50% off

Superhero Benefits

Applicable minion benefits plus:

  • Complimentary hotel room for Friday and Saturday nights*.  Room will be shared by other superheroes or staff as needed.
  • Complimentary parking for required orientation/training and during move-in, open and move out days.
  • Choice of 3 3-day passes or 1 Fast Pass (this is transferable)
  • Priority access on autographs from select guests.
  • First choice on any guest signage available after the show (based on seniority, but can only be applied to one item)
  • Custom shirt (3)
  • Select merchandise at 30% off

*  (Additional nights may be provided based upon availability, your home location and your assignments.  Example: Move-in crew who start working on Wednesday will be eligible for additional early days.)